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Jamie Glaser is a writer who concentrates on mostly Jewish and Jewish related material. She enjoys writing poetry and especially enjoys the challenge of writing short stories. She is a former toddler teacher and currently a nanny who writes in her spare time, as well as reads whatever sounds interesting which are most things!
By reading and writing about Judaism, along with experiencing it in the physical sense by observing and celebrating the holidays, she absorbs the beauty and insight surrounding the Jewish faith, and writes pieces which reflects the experience.
Jamie has completed one and is currently working on another fiction piece inspired by stories in the Torah.

Favorite Books:
Anything by anyone - it takes a ton of courage to put yourself out there

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God could have
Tu B'Shvat
High Holidays
Tisha B'Av
Shabbat Poems
Seven Poems for Shavuot
Never Forget
The sun rose today
Passover Poem
Haman's Fury
We made it through
A flickering flame
Revelation (Esther’s Lesson)
The deconstructed rainbow 

Short Stories

Tashlich for children
Passover Pals
A friend for Natalia
Aleph Bet, spin, spin, spin! A Hanukah Tale
Tessa and the three T's save the Honey Bees!
Jonah's Seed
Sunday School as a Jewish Experience
Pearls Purim Parade

Children's Stories

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