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When you're the queen
But not in control
Pretty for the crowd
But nobody knows
How you're knocking on the inside
To come out
You smile like a dame
But you really want to shout
This is not who I am!
I am myself
Not a puppet, I have a name
I'm not an accessory
But that's how I feel
I'm not being insubordinate
My desires are real
I want to be alone
Don't want to be on display
I can't deal with this any longer
I cannot go on this way
So I told him "no"
He yelled at me over his wine
He told me to go
My response was, "fine!"
You call me royal
But I'm living in a cage
I have news for you
Resistance is not rage
I'm not crazy
I'm not a witch at all
I'm just so tired of coming
Every time he calls.

* * *
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