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Haman's Fury

No Jew will make a fool of me
This jerk will pay me homage, you’ll see
I AM important will not be mocked
The whole Jewish nation will pay a lot!
You will not tell me you won’t bow down
I will not tolerate this clown
The King has made a day for me?
Now Mordecai will realize
My name is of the greatest size!
On a horse I’ll be paraded
My righteous name, celebrated
Even the Queen thinks I’m grand
Maybe one day I’ll take HER hand
This stud can handle more than one wife
I am the epitome of RIGHT
I don’t even have to put up a fight
That foolish Jew will hang for all
We’ll see the entire NATION fall
The Jewish people will be no more
THAT’S what influential power is for.
Wait there is no parade
What the hell is this escapade?
The Queen has unveiled my awesome plan?
Oh great God, I’m a dead man!
How could that evil wench betray
Today will be her Judgment day
Except it never came to be
As Haman was exterminated, efficiently.

You see, Haman thought he could win but the problem was the truth already held the victory and all Esther had to know was unleash it.

* * *
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