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Sestina on Purim (book of Esther)

Words: courage daughter queen favor time exposure

My niece needs courage
I love her like a daughter
But now she is the queen
And she has unlimited favor
This is such a time
For our people’s exposure

We never thought that our exposure
Would require so much courage
There is always a time
When you are more than just a daughter
You have gained a plethora of favor
That comes with being queen.

She forgets that she is queen
She is afraid to risk exposure
Though she is surrounded by favor
And infused with our people’s courage
She is the ambassador, more than just a daughter
Esther is poised in the palace, for this special time.

I am afraid of this time
But I am happy she is queen
I am proud to call her daughter
We all need this exposure
God, please give her courage
And surround her with your favor

* * *
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