Short Stories and poetry | Jamie Glaser | Seven Poems for Shavuot


In the middle of a mindless maniacal mess
Tears threaten to erupt
From the volcano which confines them
Joy tiptoes in, tentatively
She does not belong here
Yet she settles like a cat
Ecru pinions splayed, serene.
It’s been a hard day
She inches under the blanket
Of whatever has transpired
Rain tumbles down
Lightning spews fire
She is that spicy cup of tea
Too hot, and soothing
The deep breath as the light flickers
She is the tears
The ones that have been threatening
Break free, a full, forceful faucet
She is the laughter at the end
And every tear in between.



Strength is standing
When you feel weak
Uttering a word
When you can hardly speak
You don’t feel heroic
Nor do you feel strong
Inner strength was abiding
Within you all along
Strength can mean surrender
Letting go of pride
Deciding to remember
That value is on the inside
The world can be against you
Hallelujah anyway
The quiet peace within
Is the epitome of strength.


There are reasons
To retreat, withdraw
It’s not my problem
I have enough
Sometimes I feel like
I am out of love
Kindness is energy
Buzzing like a bee
On the brinks of needs
Honey spreads
Liquid goo
Touching the world
Enveloping it in the caress
Of provision
Slowly, until it’s wildfire
And the world is ablaze
Because one person saw a need
And rose up.


I don’t like storms
They toss me
Until I’m dizzy
And every leaf feels torn
Lightening threatens me
The fact that I am wood
Mocks me
I tremble
I hate this
It’s cold
I don’t understand.
The skies tosses and turns
Like a restless dreamer
Thunder echoes it’s unforgiving song
I stand here
There is nothing else I can do
Wind whipped and afraid
My roots a subconscious reality
As I endure the angst
Of weather, unfurled
the sun collides with the morning
I look around me
The mist gives way to clarity
My branches have bloomed.
I am alive, and not unchanged
A blessed survivor, floral badges of honor.


This moment is a treasure
The sun shines on my face
Bumble bee wings flutter
As dew dissipates
Titmice banter in the silence
The breeze rehearses it’s song
Shoots stretch upward, radiant
Encouraged by the sun
My prayer, a gasp of splendor
Overwhelmed with awe
Many words allude me
Nature displays them all
The forest is a temple
The field is a pew
The mountain is a chorus
The flowers, just for you
The sun, a higher power
Your song, a worthy praise
The elements a connection between
The soul, and the new day.


Desire howls
Hurry rises, crescendos, descends
Only to arise again
Animal hunger is not quenched
By a moment of silence
Years layer years
And still
Patience is a mystery
Life is a gift
We want it now, whatever it is
Good people have a hard time waiting.
The soul doesn’t know patience
The spirit spells it out
And it still doesn’t get it
Patience probably runs out of itself
Trying to explain itself!
Growth is painful
patience can’t just be sprinkled
like fairy dust
It has to come in tides
Of longing, and disappointment
For the soul to grasp it
Finally ingesting its essence.


Thankful for the pennies
Crafted in heaven
Small reminders that I am alive
Grass blades brushing against my skin
The almost too hot sun
Rootbeer floats
The Sabbath
Waxy melty candles
Ridiculously sweet juice
The prayers, faithful and weekly
A pardon
Every color, not just my favorite
A prism
Blink and you miss them, butterfly wings
Even thunder
A prelude to the cooling storm
compliments , awkward and honest
The gift of being completely, utterly, you
The priveledge to soak it in
Thank you.
* * *
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