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(This poem is geared towards children but very appropriate for people of all ages)

It's almost my debut
I don't know what to do
Everybody is staring
What if I don't know what I'm doing

I'm supposed to be important
And I'm supposed to be on stage
What if I mess up
And I ruin everything?

This is what I was made for
And it's supposed to be my day
Everybody's watching
I'm not sure what to say

I take a deep breath
But how can I forget
This isn't all about me
There's so much more than that

Today's about forgiveness
And beginning anew
It doesn't just depend on me
Or just depend on you

I have a big important role
And I'm not the only one
I'm just a symbol of the holiday
Announcing the New Year should be fun!

We are all together
Remembering the things
That we have all done
To make this year a blessing

We've also made mistakes
And that is okay
I am so excited
I'm announcing the new Year today!

Maybe this won't be so bad
Because I am not alone
The Rabbi is announcing
Soon the shofar will be blown

This is my time to shine
Surrounded by my friends
I'm ready this time
Being scared will have to end

Teruah, shivarim
Tekiah gedolah
Moment after moment
I announce the calls

My voice rings out so powerful
I make the New year sound
The people are so happy
They all gather around

I began to feel better
When I saw I was not alone
We are all in this together
For tshuvah and tikkum Olam

The Rabbi puts me down now
He begins his prayers
I smile at the people
So glad that we're all here

The new Year isn't something
That you do on your own
You hold hands with your community
We walk each other home.

* * *
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