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The Candles

Ner means light
Beginning with nun
Nothing is untouched
Light is eternal
It wasn’t born
It is the source
Even when you don’t feel warm
The sun is a bright star
In the winter months
When it feels unspeakably far
Candles are a reminder
Ner means light
Warmth caresses hands
Which hold one another
Close your eyes and remember the sun
Breathe in the Sabbath
Til the evening comes.

The Wine

My cup is never empty
Vines wind and twist
The perpetual motion of the world
I bless this cup
It is always full.
Consume the sweet poignant nectar
Warm and cleansing
Sweet and pleasing
The world gives and gives and gives
Tread lightly
Drink slowly
Tonight you shine
You, the moonlight
And the abundant wine.

The Bread

We give thanks to God for bread
Again and again
Manna rains
Sometimes sprinkles
Like tentative confetti
It’s still….provision
Even in the dry years
“Give us this day…”
Never disappoints
Even when you are hungry
Bread is there
In the kitchen of a stranger
A free meal
In the way that another makes you feel
Souls get hungry too
Give, give give in this life
But don’t forget to let life feed you.
* * *
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