Sister Churches Make the Jewish-Christian Alliance

By Daphne Drohobyczer, staff Writer

With the recent wave of anti-Semitism in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania this leaves us wondering, can the exclusive Jewish Community as a whole find a way to reach out to our Christian neighbors? One way to start would be for every Jewish congregation capable, to adopt a Church. This church would be the “sister church” – there is a wide array for each congregation to assign themselves a sister church, where there would be shared events and the freedom to attend one another’s synagogues and churches. This “adopting a church” can be involved in a personal choice to attend church on any regular Sunday and vice versa. I have personally made a commitment to participating in the Unitarian Church choir, and I have discovered several other Jews there.
This is my way of coexisting.

If you are Jewish, choose a church to reach out to. This does mean having to change your beliefs. True, this could mean that the likelihood of converts may arise, but that is something positive. On the other hand, some Jews may be influenced by Christianity; however, this is a chance we have to take to help combat anti-Semitism. If we start to reach out more, this will dispel myths, make a connection with a person outside the Jewish Community, make life long friends, and open up the lines of communication across the board. If you take our synagogue, Kol Rinah, we have already cooperated with the Baptist church,

The Journey, and the pastor has talked with us a number of times, and their church has done some events with Kol Rinah. 

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