Poetry and Short Stories

Introduction: This is a completely make-believe imaginary story.

by Daphne Drohobyczer

1. Chaos – How evil is the devil, really? (wrath)
It is chaos that causes earth quakes, meteorites and creation of new worlds.
2. The basement of the synagogue (sloth)
3. Hades University and its contracts and orgies – (greed)
4. God calls for “order in the court” (pride)
5. Traveling through mirrors to visit past flames (lust)
6. The Princeton Witch Doctor (envy)
7. The Lounge (gluttony)

Is the devil really all that bad?, or is the wrath belonging to chaos? Is it chaos that takes over us? When regarding, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, and a whole array of mishaps – they are out of the hands of people. It becomes that “Chaos” is far worse than Satan – nobody ever says that Satan is Mother Nature. Is Satan really all that bad, is the question. We don’t know exactly. But in this story, he’s a jazzy sleaze ball with a goatee and a ruby pitch fork. He wears a black turtle neck and spends most of his time in a lounge in Hell, the rest of the time he is in his “Detective” office, deciding who is evil enough, but not too evil, to enter his lounge. Circumstances called upon women who had a baby out of wedlock, a divorce, but he drew a line. He did not like people who murdered without a reason. He liked people who had a vice, or vices, but they could not cross the line – and that was for him to decide, in his office when he was determining people’s natures, and signing contracts for them when they made him happy. He would determine those who were fallen, but some (not all) homosexuals and lesbians wanted to go to hell anymore, so they stood in God’s court as members of parliament, and won the case for some gays to become angels and reside in heaven. Time is of the essence, and cannot be captured except into eternity.

2., 3.
Lazy people end up in the basement of God’s synagogue. Albeit because they literally studied once in a blue moon, or put little effort forth in their classes. God’s synagogue basement is a very cool place, not warm and sticky like Satan’s Lounge. But some people make it to many places in the realms of heaven or hell, or both. The basement is full of pot heads and druggies who were good peeps. There’s the story of the 100 girls who gave arsenic to a girl they envied. They only made it to one place – Hades University. This University accepts anyone who is rich, powerful and prestigious. But the catch is, Hades is blue, and everyone at Hade’s U is blue, but only if the only place they made it to was Hades University. Other prestigious people maintain their contrasting colors. In God’s basement, sometimes someone blue shows up because a messenger had to exonerate them. The basement will keep this soul, and if the blue person rubs them the wrong way, they go back to Hades U. and remain one color. If they fit in with the basement crowd, they gain back their color if they give up their rights to return to Hades U.without an invitation.


So there’s this girl named Olive, who all the men fall for at Presidential University. The evil female sororities are very envious of her, calling her “oblivious” and “unworthy” of a guy from Prez. The leader of100 girls against her (they sent around a secret petition to about 10,000girls, and 100 signed it, one tenth of one percent. There was a very small current against Olive, but it was very powerful. They decided they’d each become an acquaintance, and slowly poison her with a lethal dose of arsenic –eventually, she would just keel over and die, and the blame, if found, would be very spread, enough to disperse, or so they believed. One by one, each girl befriended her in their own way and started to add drops of arsenic into her coffee, tea, coke and water and food. Olive was feeling sick. Deep inside, she knew she couldn’t have truly befriended some of those girls. Olive walked up two steps and bent over and yelled “HELP.” The Witch Doctor heard her cry. He sent out dispatches from the Prez library. The prez guys in the library always obeyed the Witch Doctor, even though he was at another school in the Hades Consortium – Wallden. Ten men rushed out, the Prez’s Witch Doctor’s cronies. They carried her to a door in the underground, the Ten Men, Headed by an Israeli named Yeoshua, traveled very quickly, some would say at the speed of light, to the Witch Doctor’s cave. The Witch Doctor went by the name James Miller, or “Smokey Joe”. By the time, the “Presidential Minyan” brought Olive to “Smokey Joe’s cave” she still had some breaths of life in her. “I’m the witch doctor! Leave it to me!,” James said. He had a feathered Sandy Blonde look with medium length hair, and he only wore a brown robe with boxers that had the emblem of his family printed all over him, so he could show support for his family after drowning in a pond when he was 19 at Wallden. A vampire swooshed down into the pond and made James an immortal that would never age past 19. James had felt guilt about being kicked out of Wallden for supposedly harassing his Cinema Teacher.

The Pianist, the Palm trees, a Sephardic woman named Lillith who sings some segment of the show, and then different lovers make love to her in gan sameach, short Jewish women flood the floor, along with the ratty men -,it is like there is an all ages Bar/Bat Mitzvah going on. There are red velvet couches, black velvet with gold lining blankets spread around and sequined pillows of all colors. There is lots of cigar and cigarette smoke, and everyone finds their friends and family. The Devillish Lawyers are always painstakingly finding loopholes to Good God. They work against creation, production/ economy, health,and promote excess of vices, loss of sleep, and many psychological disorders.

The Jews are thrown into a lounge, where Satan is the conductor, the most big-shot power attorney of all. Still, yet, there is only one God.

Satan throws a non-stop jazzy session, with the grand Esquire as the Pianist. The Pianist, who is Eastern European – American, and the Wallden witch doctor, strikes the keys and chords with so much passion. He’s medium height with sandy brown hair, and claims he is agnostic but Jewish. The music in the lounge is“Ein Sof,” or “without end” in Hebrew – it is also one of the names of God, as some God is twisted into Satan and vice versa. This Pianist collects palm trees and peppers the lounge with exotic plants.

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