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Jewish Studies

My Theology

6 contemporaries' "confessions"
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The Cry of the Ram's Horn
A Jewish Perspective on Compassion and Forgiveness

Jewish Education in
St. Louis

From Block to North
by Marla Zimmerman

Expanded Archive 
now with a Prayer for a pandemic

The Jewish History Keystone Combination:
Zunz to Graetz to Dubnow
by Dr. Ralph Graff

Good and Evil
By Dr. Ralph Graff 
How Do We Make Our Ancient Literature Concerning Good and Evil Relevant in Today’s World?

Judaism and Science
Another reason to be Happy, proud and grateful to be Jewish

What is Verein?
The Story of Verein
by Dr. Ralph Graff

Do Not Oppress the Stranger
An expansion on the most frequent message in the Torah
by Richard Gavatin

Adult Bat/Bar Mitzvah
Lottye Lyle Dvar Torah

New Expanded Archive
now with a Prayer for a pandemic


The background image is from the Israeli town of Yavne. This is one of the most significant places in modern Jewish history. By modern, we mean post-temple. Once Herod's Temple was destroyed, in the year 70 CE, and the temple era came to an end, Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zacchai, after an adventure that rivals a modern Bond movie, founded an academy for "modern" Jewish studies in the town Yavneh. Modern Rabbinic Judaism owes its existence, at least in part, to the academy at Yavne. (by rg)

Poetry and Short Stories

Poems by Carol Rose   |   Poems by Marvin Marcus

Short stories: 

Short Stories and poems  by Jamie Glaser
Even More New Short Stories
and more Poems

Aunt Sarina by Roz Kohen

Hades University 

Short Stories by Max Brown
Read TWO new stories by Max Brown


Humanity's 100 Questions 

By Richard Gavatin 

My Israel Journal
Recollections from a trip a long time ago

By Dr. Marvin Marcus

Baby Boomer Rumor 

By Daphne Drohobyczer  

Reflections on giving voice to one's Jewish Identity

By Dr. Marvin Marcus

Arts & Culture

A Jewish Boxer?
by Dr. Ralph Graff

Why I love Music
By Ben Levin

Art we like

Fiddler on the Roof
by Berta Hyken

by Daphne Drohobyczer

Are You Positive Enough To Meet Someone?
by Paula Sparks


Sister Churches Make the Jewish-Christian Alliance
by Daphne

The Unitarians and the Nazis: A Confrontation to be Remembered
Ken Burns
by Daphne and Berta

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